Information for Band Members


Member Expectations, or Top ten things every WVYB musician and parent must know:


1) ATTEND REHEARSALS It is expected that WVYB musicians will attend all rehearsals, performances and events. A complete schedule can be found on the band web site: If, due to illness or unusual circumstance, a rehearsal must be missed, please let the Music Directorknow in advance. Rehearsals one week prior to any performance are mandatory.


2) BE ON TIME:  Rehearsals begin precisely at the scheduled time. Please arrive before the start of rehearsal to set-up instruments and be ready to play on time.


3) PRACTICE:  Regular individual practice is required to make progress on an instrument. At the Beginner and Junior levels 20 minutes three times a week is ideal. In the upper band levels the amount of practice is up to the individual, but it is expected that musicians will practice as necessary to know all of their music.


4) WATER ONLY IN MUSIC HALL: Water bottles are encouraged. Cell phones and other electronics are to be kept out of sight (put your phone in your instrument case).


5) PROMOTION: through the different levels:of the WVYB is at the discretion of the Music Director. To be considered for promotion, a band member must show both musicianship and maturity. A musician who practices hard, but behaves poorly cannot expect to be promoted. A musician who behaves well but does not practice cannot expect to be promoted.


6) RESPECT:  is the foundation of the Youth Band. The WVYB is an inclusive organization offering an encouraging environment. It is expected that our musicians will treat each other with respect and consideration at all times. Good manners and good behavior are required to remain a member of the WVYB. Respect also means practicing, attending rehearsal, being on-time and communicating when a rehearsal needs to be missed.


7) HELP OUT:  Musicians from the Concert and Symphonic bands and Symphonic Strings will be called upon from time to time to assist in set-up and take-down for concerts. We are a community organization and all members are expected to assist.


8) COMMUNICATE:  It is the responsibility of individual musicians and their families to remain up to date with concerts and activities. The WVYB web site lists all band events and is updated regularly. Please check the web site regularly and notify the Music Director immediately if a schedule conflict is noted. Read your emails


9) SUPPORT:    Successful operation of the WVYB requires parent volunteers. Everyone must assist when possible. Parents are expected to attend concerts.  Support your musicians.  They have worked hard and deserve an audience.  It is mandatory that parents attend the Annual General Meeting in the fall and support the Band's fundraising efforts.


10) PROMOTE:   The WVYB has been part of this community since 1930. Our musicians and families are ambassadors not only for this organization, but for West Vancouver and the North Shore. Take pride in our history, and take pride in your accomplishments as a member of the WVYB. By encouraging friends and family to get involved, you help ensure a strong future for the band.


 Concert dress:

            Strings: Black pants, black socks and black shoes with black button down shirt with collar. A blue tie will be provided.

            Beginner and Junior Band: Black (dark) pants, black socks and black shoes, white shirt/blouse

            Concert Band: Black pants, black socks and black shoes and a black shirt (to be purchased by parents).

            Symphonic Band: Full uniform -black pants and Band Jacket (provided- $100 deposit required). Symphonic Band members must provide black shoes and black dress socks. A casual WVYB Polo Shirt and Windbreaker will also be required and can be purchased from the band.        Please note, SPORT shoes are not permitted in Symphonic band performances.


Please note the following contacts for communication with the WVYB:

Administrator: Diana Chalk office: 604-921-3412

Principal Conductor and Program Director: Doug Macaulay office: 604-921-3412

cell/text: 604-970-0112  

Strings Conductor: Nicholas Urquhart office: 604-921-3412cell/text: 778-233-7975  stringsdirector@

Percussion Coach:Martin Fisk: office: 604-921-3412cell/text:

President, WVYB Board of Directors: Reema Faris


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