WVYB Special Program

1. Brass Quitet Program - Symphonic Band Members TBA
2. Advance Drum Program -Symphonic Band Members TBA
The WVYB Advanced Drumming program is open to musicians who are passionate about percussion as an art form. The percussion ensemble is limited to a maximum of 12 players. To register the skilled percussionist must be capable of reading treble, bass and percussion clef and be in grade 9 - 12.
This is an opportunity for students interested in pursuing advanced percussion focused repertoire and experience the wide range of possibilities on percussion. The sessions will be held at the Music Hall in the West Vancouver Community Centre. 
Martin Fisk is our Percussion music educator.  Martin is an exceptional educator and will be directing the advance drumming program. He performs regularly with the VSO, VOA, Vancouver New Music and is the founding member of Vancouver's Fringe Percussion Ensemble. The WVYB has benefited from having him as our percussion coach for many years.
The group will meet on Tuesdays, once a month. 
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